Welcome to the brand new beets blog! The beets project has had a Twitter account for some time now, but I increasingly have more to say than will fit in 140 characters. This blog will be a venue for more detailed writing about the project, Python, open source development, and music software.

These are some of the posts you can expect as the blog gets rolling:

  • In-depth descriptions of new features and design changes in beets.
  • Guides to doing cool, non-obvious stuff with beets.
  • My plans and proposals for how beets will evolve.
  • Useful Python snippets and libraries that grow out of the beets project (like Bluelet, Confit, pyacoustid, and audioread).
  • Opinions on Python development and maintaining open source projects.

You can subscribe to this blog using its Atom feed. The Jekyll source for the site is on GitHub.

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